We love dogs at Country Life – almost all dogs – apart from dogs which fit in your handbag – but so many of our favourites are terriers. Full of fun, charm, humour and lust for life, these little dogs punch way above their weight in terms of how popular they are.

Jack Russell terriers are always top of our list: despite their penchant for disappearing down rabbit holes for days and chewing everything in sight, they have a hugh place in our hearts.

Sealyhams were a breed much-loved but little known until we put some force behind the campaign to bring these little dogs back from the brink of extinction, and we have also recently brought the Patterdale terrier, that tough little dog from the Fells, into the National consciousness.

Terriers are naughty, full of personality, cute as hell, and we love them. Here are some of our most popular articles on everyone’s favourite little pups.