The transformative power of a really beautiful pair of socks

Good socks aren't just a practical necessity — they can be far more than that, as Ryan Palmer and Dave Pickard of The London Sock Company told Giles Kime.

Why socks? 

We wanted to create something that would make a stylish sartorial statement and also provide an opportunity to treat yourself (or someone else) to an accessible luxury that can significantly enhance your experience of everyday life.

Are they for business of pleasure?

Both. When we were working in the corporate world, we realised that socks offer a chance to personalise business dress. And now that ties are no longer obligatory in the workplace, socks can make a discreet but distinctive style statement. People really notice them. Better still, they really inspire confidence, whatever you’re doing.

London Sock Company

What makes them different? 

Before we launched The London Sock Company we spent a long time in the factory exploring different ways to create the fabric and construct our socks until we knew that we had the best possible product. The secret lies in a fabric that is both finely woven and also very strong.

How have your collections evolved?

Having established our Simply Sartorial collection that offers a rainbow of strong, confident colours – and which remains our best seller – we have taken a playful approach to patterns and textures. We have added jacquards, herringbones, merinos and cashmeres to the range.

And what about collaborations?

We are really excited to have launched a collection that is the result of our partnership with the world renowned McLaren Automotive. Eight pairs of socks and striking packaging interpret its distinctive orange.

The fastest socks in the world? The LSC McLaren collection.

The fastest socks in the world? The LSC McLaren collection.

Why are your boxes as high quality as your socks?

Our view is that it’s the small things that make a big difference; we firmly believe that buying online can also be a luxurious experience, so we maintain the same approach to every aspect of what we do, from customer service to packaging in which your socks arrive.

Given you have such a dizzying choice, do you help customers choose?

We offer lots of pointers, with suggestions of socks for different purposes such as working in the city, attending interviews, relaxing at the weekend and date nights. We also highlight socks that would be a good choice for creatives.

London Sock Company

 What else sets you apart?

Our sock club provides our customers with an opportunity to subscribe to a monthly delivery of new socks, either for themselves or as a gift for others from as little as £10 a month.

Are your socks only available online?

No, they are available at both Fortnum & Mason and at Harrods during Christmas.

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