From Sea to Shoot to Street

It's over 50 years since British Olympian sailor Keith Musto started making clothing that solves the problems faced by him and his fellow sailors. Today, the clothing company which bears his name is still pushing technical boundaries while staying true to traditional aesthetics.

Promotional feature with Musto

Following his silver medal achievement at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, Keith Musto founded the Musto brand to engineer products which would help keep sailors dry and protected, as well as being lightweight and faster on water. He achieved this when he launched the first three-layer system for sailors in 1979. Over the next five years, Keith would go on to develop the first viable two-piece drysuit – which incorporated technical fabrics with waterproof membranes – and moved away from traditional, heavy oilskins.

In 1987, whilst watching his daughter compete at a three-day event, Keith noticed that most spectators were still wearing wax-based jackets – they kept them dry and protected, but became heavy and cold when wet. It was at this event that Keith decided to engineer technical clothing to help keep both spectators and riders protected in the countryside.

Over the next thirty years, Musto’s designers became fanatical about developing new technologies to help push the boundaries, whilst still keeping to traditional aesthetics.

The latest in the line of developments from Musto is the new Holkham Oil Cloth Jacket for men and the Berkeley Oil Cloth Jacket for women.


Combining a traditional country style with Musto’s keen eye for technical fabrications, the company has created a fully-waterproof country jacket. Constructed from an oil cloth twill, the outer fabric retains the look of a traditional wax jacket, whilst having a softer feel and remaining lightweight when wet. Utilising a Musto BR1 drop liner between the oil cloth and inner check liner, the membrane prevents any water penetrating through to the skin.


Additional features such as an eye-catching check liner, adjustable waist and deep pockets add to the country aesthetic, making this the ideal jacket for any outdoor pursuit.