Patek Philippe and G. Collins & Sons: The perfect match

Watch Country Life's Luxury Editor Hetty Lintell in conversation with G. Collins & Sons where they delve deeper into Patek Philippe as a brand, and specifically their World Time watches.

Patek Philippe and G. Collins & Sons make the perfect match. Patek Philippe craft exquisite timepieces, to be treasured and worn everyday, then passed down the generations, and G. Collins & Sons is like-minded — a family run jewellers in Royal Tunbridge Wells, with the business itself handed down from father to son.

They are renowned for class and discretion, whilst the jewellery and watches grace the most discerning of clientele, both locally and beyond. A chosen retail partner of Patek Philippe, G. Collins see this as a true honour, being one of only a handful in the United Kingdom — their proper old-fashioned service sets them apart from the rest.

Here clients are special, and leave feeling part of an extended family. Patek Philippe watches are a cut above, and in this video we delve deeper into their beautiful World Time watch, and tell you more about how it feels to wear and own one of these one-off masterpieces.

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