An investment in the future: The portfolios that you build for the next generation

Tom Scarborough of Charles Stanley Wealth Managers on how an investment can become an heirloom.

When asked to name a precious heirloom, you are more likely to think of an antique or a work of art than an investment portfolio of stocks and shares. But Tom Scarborough, an investment manager at Charles Stanley Wealth Managers, explains why investments can be a similarly appropriate heirloom to pass from one generation to the next — and how, like a valuable antique or work of art, they need similarly careful handling.

Tom Scarborough of Charles Stanley Wealth Managers

Tom Scarborough of Charles Stanley Wealth Managers

What is your approach to managing investments for the long term?

We spend time with each client to get a clear picture of longterm goals and then build a sustainable portfolio that reflects both the client’s requirements and appetite for risk.

What benefits do managed investments offer future generations?

As well as increasing capital, managed investments can also offer income, which can be particularly important to help fund costs such as school fees, weddings and potentially long-term care, as well as creating financial security for children and grandchildren.

How do investments differ from a physical heirloom?

Although not a tangible item that can be displayed and admired, the financial stability that investments can provide is priceless. Much like an heirloom, investment portfolios can be passed down through generations. They also have the advantage of providing benefit to the current owner if needed, either through the generation of income or by the availability of capital.

Charles Stanley was founded in 1792 – what has been the key to its enduring success?

Managing wealth for successive generations is a key element in our success. We’ve achieved this through our autonomous investment approach, which can be tailored to the individual needs of every member of a family.

The world has changed a great deal since then and continues to do so. How do you address the opportunities and challenges of a fast-moving world?

Because markets and economic climate can change rapidly, we employ the services of expert commentators and strategists, who take a global view and allow us to apply a tactical approach to both opportunities and challenges. Embracing the possibilities of new technology has also helped us to evolve our business, notably in the way in which we interact with our clients.

Charles Stanley is known for the personalised service it offers. Why is this important?

We avoid pigeonholing clients with a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Taking the time to understanding our clients’ specific requirements allows us to agree a nuanced strategy that can be altered at any time to reflect changes in circumstance or plans for the future.

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The value of investments can fall as well as rise. Investors may get back less than invested.

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