How to make Christmas jewellery shopping fun, with the wisdom and tips of Cassandra Goad

Choosing the perfect present needn’t be a chore — in fact, it should be fun, and jewellery from Cassandra Goad is a good place to start.

Gifting is all about the giving, and making the moment as special as possible will enhance the magic on Christmas morning. For all the special women in your life, something sparkly will hit the right note, and with jeweller Cassandra Goad, you are assured it will be a harmonious one. With so many gorgeous options, it is very hard to go wrong.

‘Close your eyes and think about the person you’re wanting to gift to,’ implores Cassandra Goad, ‘and if you’re not sure, you can always ask for advice from a friend or one of your children.

‘Perhaps weave the idea of a present into the general conversation in the weeks before and that will often give you some clues… Most importantly remember that it is your thought, love and care that counts — so always write a handwritten note with a gift.’

Here, Country Life’s Luxury Editor Hetty Lintell picks out some of her favourites from Cassandra Goad’s range, and shares a few more tips from Cassandra herself.

Gifts under £500

For elegant stocking fillers or even your favourite Goddaughter, choose playful and wearable pieces, which can be collected every year, and then work charmingly worn all together too.

‘Try and find out if they wear gold or silver jewellery and if they have pierced ears,’ advises Cassandra.

These shell earrings are miniature works of art, inspired by cowries on a Cornish beach, their organic shape and feel is made perfect in 9-carat yellow gold. To be worn every day, and loved forever.
Small Cowrie Shell Gold Studs — £435


Initials and personalisation are very in vogue, and these Hakka Alice Letter bangles in silver can be collected and stacked together or worn alone. Ageless too, I can see a young teen or a refined Grandmother wearing them with equal grace.
Hakka Alice Letter Silver Bangle — £495


For true romance, the heart charm says it all. Worn alone on one of Cassandra’s perfect chains it will stand out; or, if the recipient has a charm necklace or bracelet, this can be added to it (see Cassandra’s other charms for more inspiration).

Heart Gold Pendant — £435

Gifts under £1,000

For that special someone, go for lovely gold pieces that have tactility and wearability. ‘If a ring is what you’re thinking about gifting, then try a few of her favourite rings on your fingers and remember where and how they fitted — or better still borrow one (and return it promptly so it is not noticed),’ suggests Cassandra.


A signet ring is a treasured everyday piece, which sets itself up as an heirloom of the future; this one is slightly different with its elegant lines. Have it engraved with a family crest, initials or anything meaningful — the signet ring rules are relaxed these days, which makes them far more fun.
Small Agricola Signet Ring — £795


The Linguine ring is one of my all time favourite designs of Cassandra’s, and I have first hand knowledge of their comfort. I personally wear one every day with compliments galore.

If the ring size is wrong you can easily swap it so don’t let that put you off.
Tagliatelle Linguine Mixed Ring — £765


Jewellery is never more talismanic than when including a meaningful quote which can hang around a neck, reminding the wearer of their own strength. This quote pendant is everything jewellery should be—soft, wearable and full of thought.
Shackleton Gold Quote Pendant — £745

Up to £5,000

This is the price point when things can get fun and colourful, and Cassandra is a master of vibrant stones mixed with the finest gold in designs that come to life when worn. Try pushing the boundaries a little, you might be surprised, and women tend to be flattered when bolder and more eye-catching pieces are chosen for them.

‘If you are feeling brave, and she is adventurous, try a new colour of stone or yellow instead of white gold,’ advises Cassandra.

‘If you are really not sure, come and ask us—we often can imagine the perfect gift (and of course you can always exchange it).’

This Severine Blue Zircon ring is beautifully sculptural and colourful, to be worn everyday, as well as to special occasions. You could practically dive into it.
Severine Blue Zircon Ring — £3,120

With Cassandra’s interchangeable earrings, you can keep adding to them every year — the options are endless, so pick her favourite colour or birth stone and start there. Cassandra’s team will know just the thing.
Acai Blue Topaz Interchangeable Hoop Earrings — £3,490

For a hint of colour this pendant is a heavenly option, inspired by the sacred charms on an Indian marriage necklace in the Victoria and Albert Museum — romance to its core.
Brinjal Indian Marriage Pendant — £4,590

Blow the budget

Diamonds are always the answer — festive sparkle goes the extra mile at Christmas time, and beyond.

Nature inspired but sprinkled with diamonds, to be worn day and evening for a lifetime.
Furu Kongle Yellow Gold Diamond Pendant — £8,765

Like snowflakes, these are festive perfection but would look equally as fabulous on an exotic holiday.
La Martorana Mosaic Interchangeable White Gold Hoop Earrings — £7,190

A beautiful and fluid take on a tennis bracelet, this is an exquisite piece — classic yet unique.
Topkapi One Diamond Bracelet — £14,720

Even a truly wonderful gift can still be lifted further. An element of surprise will add fun and anticipation on Christmas day.

‘Most people know that the very special presents under the tree come in small boxes, so when you have found that perfect jewel, wrap it in a big box for added unexpected excitement,’ says Cassandra. ‘An old wine box would be perfect, or pop it in with the much-needed new toaster.’

Cassandra’s quick present guide to shopping for jewellery

  1. Photograph her jewellery box – Ideal for an idea of preferred style and what she might be missing
  2. Go to Cassandra Goad Tel: 020–7730 2202 Whatsapp: 07872 011438
  3. Give an idea of your budget
  4. Choose from the wide selection with their expert help
  5. Wrap amusingly, always with a hand-written note
  6. Wait for Christmas Day (happily knowing she can exchange it and have fun choosing something else in the new year if it wasn’t quite right)