How an oak-frame extension can transform your home

Oakwrights’ oak-frame garden rooms, sunrooms, orangeries and conservatories are tailored to suit clients’ needs and blend seamlessly with their homes.

Few projects transform a house as effectively as an oak-frame extension. For those looking to create new, versatile spaces, such as a living room, dining room, yoga studio or home office, the possibilities are truly endless. Every Oakwrights design celebrates the highly individual beauty of green oak, time-honoured craftsmanship and state-of-the-art construction that will look as elegant from the inside as it does from afar.

Throughout the seasons, an extension complements a home. In summer, it will bring you even closer to Nature and the great outdoors, whereas, in winter, an oak frame extension — whether set up as a sunroom, an orangery or something else — gives a warm welcome to all those who spend time there, providing an additional area that can be enjoyed whatever the weather.

©Lydia Harper for Oakwrights

‘Here at Oakwrights, our frames are construct with green oak, which is environmentally friendly, not only because it’s from a renewable source, but also thanks to its amazing thermal properties,’ says Charlie Mills, managing director at Oakwrights. ‘Integrated with highly efficient modern glazing, our extensions create open-plan spaces that have the benefit of uninterrupted views.’

The oak used by Oakwrights is responsibly sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests and offers plenty of advantages. ‘Much of its beauty and practicality is derived from the fact that it has a life of its own,’ continues Charlie. ‘As do so many natural materials, it also has the benefit of gaining character with age.’

©Mark Welsh for Oakwrights

Every extension is bespoke to the home owners and reflects their vision. Each design is taken through a proficient process in Oakwrights’ Herefordshire workshops, where traditional craftsmanship techniques are combined with cutting-edge technology to create the oak frame.

We work with our clients from the initial design and planning stages, through to the on-site construction. The greatest satisfaction is to see the completion of a beautifully crafted oak-frame extension that has turned our clients’ dreams into reality,’ says Charlie.

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©Alice Devereux for Oakwrights

Transforming a much-loved family home with Oakwrights

Following renovations to their Cheshire farmhouse, Oakwrights customers Mr and Mrs Addington decided to extend the layout of their property and create an additional light and bright space in the form of an oak-frame extension.

©Richard Kiely for Oakwrights

‘We love our home and its location, so it was important to us that this investment made the most of the surrounding views and remained in keeping with the character of our home,’ says Mr Addington. They felt Oakwrights truly captured their concept for a bespoke garden-room design.

©Richard Kiely for Oakwrights

‘We worked with the in-house teams to create symmetry with the oak trusses, positioning one centrally over a large set of double doors, so that our new space could extend further and open out onto the terrace area.’

The couple also opted for Oakwrights’ face-glazing system, which is secured to the frame in a way that allows the oak to move and strengthen, at the same time as producing an energy-efficient room.

©Richard Kiely for Oakwrights

‘We use our oak-frame garden room all year round, whether it’s only for relaxing or for entertaining guests and having family get-togethers. It’s a perfect space for those picture-postcard days, when you simply open the doors to enjoy the breeze blowing through.’