How a trip to the Benmore Estate can help you enjoy the ultimate Scottish island experience

If you're looking for an ideal place to make your base in the Hebrides, Knock House and the Benmore Estate have a huge amount to offer — including a boat which you can use to explore the surrounding seas and islands.

Where to stay

Knock House, a traditional Scottish sporting lodge at the Benmore Estate on Mull

Dating back to the 15th century, Knock House is packed full of old life and new charm, offering an authentic and traditional Scottish experience. From age old sports through to its dramatic, wild and restorative scenery, a trip to Benmore offers a retreat from the modern world and a luxurious step back in time to the Scottish pastimes of yesteryear. 

What to do

Highland Stalking

Traditional methods of stalking red deer in Scotland have remained unchanged for centuries and they continue through to this day. Benmore offers a first-class stalking experience surrounded by the spectacular scenery of Mull and its neighbouring islands. With three unique stalking beats, Benmore boasts both a challenging and incredibly scenic stalking terrain. From ancient native woodlands through to towering, rugged and scree topped summits; the landscape is dominated by the wide Forsa Glen with River Forsa running through the centre and the unmistakable Beinn Talaidh in the distance. 


The unspoilt rivers and lochs on the Benmore Estate provide abundant opportunities to fish for salmon and sea trout. From Loch Ba through River Ba and into Loch na Keal, you can while away the hours along the scenic two mile stretch with 10 named pools of water, where salmon and sea trout are rife from late June to October.

Probably the best salmon river on the island is The Forsa, a classic highland spate river which is over 7 miles long with over 40 named pools. The unspoilt banks lined with ancient woodland and breaking views offer a picturesque setting to enjoy this sport. 

Loch Bearnach, a wonderful hidden hill loch situated 300 feet above Loch Spelve, provides prolific trout fishing. The majority of fish caught are approximately 1.5lbs — but there are  monsters lurking in the depths as well, with catch records up to 9lbs. There is a small fishing bothy beside the loch to provide welcome shelter and an ideal spot for lunch.

Sea Fishing 

The deep Hebridean seas that surround Mull offer some some of the finest sea fishing on the west coast of Scotland. Here on the island, we successfully creel for some of the most mouth-watering fresh lobster and crab you will ever taste. During the summer months there is fun family fishing for mackerel, pollock and coalfish. 

Venture further afield to the Firth of Lorn and Tiree Passage and there are some of the best marks in UK waters for flapper and blue skate (known as common skate). The estate’s fishing boat, the Corra-Bheinn, makes heading out to sea a pleasure. Once you leave the sound of Mull you may even chance upon some migrating whales and orcas or be greeted by the islands resident dolphins who often like to ride the bow of the boat. Mull’s waters are also a hotspot for giant basking sharks. An idyllic backdrop for an exciting sea adventure!

Exploring the area


The island of Mull itself is a delight to explore. It has the traditional Scottish experience you’d expect from this iconic corner of the world, from castles to whisky to tweed. Then there’s the abundance of wildlife that inhabits this wild and beautiful island, from the white-tailed sea eagle, Britain’s largest bird of prey and the fourth largest in the world, through to otters, seal colonies, red deer, wild goats and mountain hares. The island is a utopia for wildlife enthusiasts.

Explore the islands 

The very best way to discover Mull and its surrounding islands is a cruise onboard the Benmore Lady, the Benmore estate’s luxurious motor cruiser. Discover uninhabited islands brimming with comedic puffins during the summer months, and enjoy the long stretches of of white sandy beaches. There are perfect spots to stop off and enjoy a midday picnic, or spend a few hours exploring majestic ancient caves of volcanic basalt columns that have been carved for centuries by the untamed seas around Mull.