Engagement rings and beyond from Cassandra Goad

Buying an engagement ring can be the most exciting yet terrifying of purchases. Cassandra Goad can take away all the worry and turn it into a very special and enjoyable experience to be remembered and treasured, almost as much as the ring itself.

A ring is a symbol of eternity, running around the finger with no end, the ideal token to represent love. From engagement through to weddings and beyond, a ring is the chosen piece, and so it is important to get it right — this is something to be worn every day and for a lifetime after all.

Cassandra Goad offers a uniquely personalised service, and clients who choose one of her elegant designs as an engagement ring will often naturally make their way back to her for wedding rings, and then perhaps eternity rings and more in the future.

Totally bespoke is an option, or working with an old ring to give it a new lease of life, but when choosing a ring, where is best to start and how to get it right?

Engagement rings

Firstly, how exciting, you have chosen to propose, or perhaps you are already engaged and want to choose something together. Cassandra’s team of knowledgeable experts are your first port of call. The initial stage is incredibly exciting but can be mind boggling too, and Cassandra will start this journey for you by showing you some of the exquisite rings in her collection.

Together you’ll discuss the person in question, their lifestyle — do they work with their hands for example? If so a large ring with a softer emerald might not be the answer, but perhaps tougher white diamonds are perfect. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief, knowing you are in capable hands. This Rosa diamond ring, £4,650, is a true classic that would suit many tastes, sparkling on a ring finger for generations.

The educated team at Cassandra Goad can explain the four ‘C’s — Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat. All of which are important in different measures depending on what you want, and budget of course. Sometimes less clarity or a different colour grade doesn’t mean a less beautiful stone. Their advice is top notch, and Cassandra herself can take you through the journey (she has even been known to help nervous chaps with the proposal itself too)

Second engagements certainly deserve a stunning ring, perhaps taste and style will have changed and budgets might be different. This is an opportunity to have the ring you’ve always wanted and now have the confidence to go for. Cassandra has some striking designs like this Aeneus ring, from £5,150 which would be gorgeously wearable day to day, and stand out as an engagement ring with a difference. These can be made bespoke too with any stone you might desire.


Should white diamonds not be quite right, look to the Katie ring, in which the star of the show is a sensational blue sapphire. Blue tends to suit most complexions and there is a wonderful lively energy to Cassandra’s stones, which means they sing out on a hand with vibrance.

Cassandra’s Severine design, preferably in soft yellow gold with a coloured stone would be a chic alternative to a classic style too.

The Aster Embrace collection is very clever in that it allows the wearer to have different rings in one. Choose a classic engagement ring which slots into a ‘jacket’ of sorts which can be plain gold, but can also have sapphires or rubies embellishing it to add colour and flair. This could also be the wedding ring and engagement ring as one, a modern idea, and there’s something about the hugging nature of the design that is incredibly romantic.

Wedding rings

Some women are choosing a simple engagement ring which doubles as a wedding ring too, like the Lorena £2,725, or Imara, £4,730. Chic and understated, these can be options for tighter budgets too and can be added to later if you so wish.

When choosing a wedding ring, classic is most often the way forward, one of Cassandra’s simple gold rings is an elegant choice, which can be engraved inside with a wedding date, initials or a special message or quote.

The jeweller offers eternity styles too (or half eternities which can be more practical) which add fabulous glamour and sparkle to a ring finger ensemble and can lend to stacking more on top. The Angelica ring is particularly special, £5,920.

Some women opt for both styles, one more simple for travelling, when an engagement ring might be left at home and bling isn’t appropriate. Then of course there are special occasions when the full diamond look might be called for. Sometimes the simpler ring can be worn on a chain round the neck so it is still close by.

Men of course wear them too, and it can be a lovely trip to see Cassandra and her team as a couple to choose the style and engraving options. They certainly know how to make it special and the Sloane Street shop isn’t far from a few lovely restaurants to make a celebratory occasion of it afterwards.

See more of Cassandra Goad’s engagement rings and other jewellery at www.cassandragoad.com