Christening and Confirmation presents to cherish for a lifetime, from Cassandra Goad

When it comes to Christening and confirmation presents, Cassandra Goad has something for all.

Being chosen as a Godparent is always such an honour, and finding a present to fit the bill is so important. Keeping it classic is often the best way, and Cassandra Goad is the perfect destination for Christening and Confirmation presents

Christening presents can be for the child now, but also when they become an adult (and can be kept safe, or enjoyed by their parents in the meantime). When it comes to Confirmation presents, you might know the child better by now, what they are interested in, and their personal style which will have developed. It is still wise to choose something enduring, so that they can enjoy it straight away, but also treasure it as a memory of that time, and of you. 


Ideas for girls

Cassandra’s iconic Madrid crosses are a beautiful and distinct design. Each with four iridescent pearls, they can also be set with gemstones in an array of colours from bright blue topaz to the soft smoky quartz. The cross symbol is, of course, ideal for a Christening present, but Cassandra’s Madrid Cross design is a little different, and have even been worn by brides on their wedding day 

Large Madrid Cross in 9ct yellow gold set with blue sapphire and four pearls. Inspired by a cross seen in Madrid.

Cassandra Goad’s Small Madrid Pearl Gold Cross is simply adorned with pearls , or can be set with four birthstones in the centre. It is always the most lovely of gifts—to give and to receive


If you want something very simple, that could be added to a chain or even a charm bracelet, then the Kariye cross in 9ct yellow gold is perfect.

(Pic credit) The Kariye cross is a true classic, and is inspired by the mediaeval Byzantine Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora 

The Kariye cross is a true classic, and is inspired by the mediaeval Byzantine Greek Orthodox Church of the Holy Saviour in Chora

Or, for a feminine touch, Cassandra has designed this Klover Cross in 9ct yellow gold. 

Cassandra’s pretty Klover Cross

For something timeless and elegant, a delicate string of pearls will alway be lovely. The Lucia necklace reminds Cassandra of the necklaces she was given as a child. She loves the simplicity of the design which can be worn by almost everyone and makes a wonderful Christening, or indeed Confirmation gift.

Lucia Pearl Necklace


For a nod to a particular Saint or a guardian angel , Cassandra has her angels and charming saint pendants in different sizes which can hang solo on a delicate chain, or be stacked up with others. In silver and gold and a variety of sizes these are a present that is always well received.  


A Guardian Angel is a beautiful gift for a Christening

For something with a lovely meaning, Cassandra’s beautiful talismanic Fish Pendant is a design linked both to reincarnation and life force, as well as symbolising Christianity.. 

Cassandra’s small fish pendant is a beautiful and quirky choice

For Boys 

Cassandra Goad makes top quality cufflinks, from simple silver ovals to more intricate designs, or even made fully bespoke. 

For a classic fail-safe option, her Oval Silver Cufflinks are wonderfully pleasing, and can be engraved too. 

Cassandra’s classic silver cufflinks will suit every gentleman


Cassandra’s button design is very chic, but a little playful and will match every shirt and suit in a wardrobe. 

Orbiculus Gold Cufflinks are classic with a twist

Choose the Godchild’s initials with the jeweller’s Alice Alphabet letter cufflinks, in either silver or gold. She has alphabet pendants and bracelets too which are lovely for girls or boys. 


Spell it out with Cassandra’s Alphabet cufflinks

If jewellery isn’t on the cards, then perhaps a  silver box, which can be engraved with initials, a sketch or a message. It can keep any little treasure inside, and will sit on a bedside table for a lifetime. 

Large plain postcard box in silver with a wooden interior

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For Girls 

Now that you might know the recipient a little better, you could choose something slightly more alternative or unusual. Cassandra’s Salvavida Gold and Sapphire Pendant, inspired by the pattern of the ropes on the circular safety rings of lifesavers, is so lovely, you might find it gets pinched by the parents. 

Cassandra’s very pretty Salvavida pendant with a central sapphire

Earrings are also an option for Confirmations, and for a pair she will wear until she’s 100, choose the Felicia Diamond Studs 


You can never go wrong with diamonds

The Saints pendants are a beautiful option too, they can be worn alone on a chain or stacked up next to others for a cooler teenage look, certainly something for her to wear now and forever. 

And for a meaningful message, to be worn everyday, choose one of the jewellery designers iconic Quote Pendants, you can opt for a quote that Cassandra has thoughtfully chosen, or have one made bespoke with your own personal quote. 

Cassandra’s Quote Pendants are beautifully sentimental and can be personalised


For Boys

Cufflinks work again very well for a Confirmation present, as for Christenings, keeping ideas classic (like above) is often the best idea, but you could go for something with colour like these Seigai Waves Blue Enamel Silver Cufflinks

Choose colour on the cuff

Young men are more often than not wearing jewellery, and Cassandra’s Decimus Silver Cuff would be a really stylish option in silver or gold, depending on their taste.

A silver bracelet like this Decimus cuff would be a cool option for boys

St Christopher, the Patron Saint of travel

A pendant, worn on a chain (or kept somewhere safe), like this St Christopher, is a nice nod to the Patron Saint of Travel, particularly if they plan to go off on gap year soon.

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