14 rare pictures of The Queen and Prince Philip

On the sad occasion of the passing of Prince Philip, we look back at the rare pictures that we collected together to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the couple.

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This image collection was originally published in November 2017.

Her Majesty The Queen and HRH Prince Philip celebrated their 70th anniversary on 20th November.

We’ve collected 14 wonderful photographs – including something from every decade – of the royal couple of celebrate the occasion, from their engagement announcement to their most recent engagement.

The young princess finds her future husband – September 1946


Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II) With Prince Philip Of Greece (late Duke Of Edinburgh) in September 1946, the day their betrothal became public knowledge.

The wedding day – November 1947


The official portrait of the happy couple above… and below a picture of The Queen in her wedding dress:


The honeymoon – November 1947


The royal couple were pictured here at Broadlands, Hampshire, on 23 November.

All smiles on Coronation Day – June 1953

A candid picture of The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh as they smile and wave at crowds during her coronation in 1953.  

Later in the day they posed for the official portrait above, which was featured as the frontispiece in Country Life.

A first state visit as Queen and Consort – May 1954

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh made a state visit to New Zealand and Australia in 1954.

Fancy meeting you here! – July 1966


The Queen presents Prince Philip with the Gold Cup after his team won Britain’s top polo award at Cowdray Park.

The Silver Anniversary – November 1972

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh pictured in an informal moment in 1972 on the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary.

Tropical dress code – October 1982


The Queen and Prince Philip in the Solomon Islands, in 1982.

The Golden Anniversary – November 1997

The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh pictured in 1997 on the occasion of their golden wedding anniversary.

The Diamond Years – November 2007


Queen Elizabeth II and the Prince Philip during the service of celebration to mark their diamond wedding anniversary.

67 years and still smiling – April 2014

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at Windsor Castle in April 2014 (Rex/Shutterstock)


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at Windsor Castle in April 2014.

70 years on – September 2017


With Prince Philip having retired from public life in the summer, the royal couple are seen together less often than they once were – but they still turned up together for the opening of the new Queensferry Crossing a couple of months ago.