The Utterly Inessential Shopping List: The top 10 gadgets you absolutely do not need this Christmas

Dreaming of a tech-filled Christmas? Alexandra Fraser rounds up the top gadgets of the year for you to droll over, but probably never purchase.

Tech is always a bit of a fickle friend by nature of how quickly the industry advances. One minute you’re throwing away your old flip phone, dismissing the tech as hopelessly outdated and the next, Motorola are bringing out a new one. Anarchy.

Luckily, some fine companies are still ahead of the curve, producing things which are either so futuristic that they pose no risk of drifting into obsolescence or are just too dang cool to do so any time soon.

It is these items I present to you. Do join me on my fantasy shop as we inspect the gadgets of tomorrow, today.

For the gym nut

Kettle bell

The thing about buying gym equipment is that it’s sizeable. For those who don’t have the space to spare for an entire rack of barbells, the KettlebellConnect is a fantastic solution. With six different weight settings, it’ll track your reps, weight and rest time.

KettlebellConnect, £299, JAXJOX,

For the beer lover

Beerwulf Beer Tap_

Now, I’m not a beer fan but the mere fact that two out of three of my brothers own a SUB tells me that there’s something in them. And that something is beer.

The SUB 2L beer tap, £109, Beerwulf,

For the avid runner / adorable introvert

Libratone TRACK Air+ black

List veterans will recognise these but I can’t help recommending them again – during the brief period I tried these out, my wireless life improved exponentially. It’s since become much worse, but we mustn’t dwell.

TRACK Air+, £179, from Libratone,

For the budget adventurer


Speaking of Motorola phones, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Motorola one action – a fantastic phone choice of you’re in need of a great camera without paying through the nose. The camera capabilities really are the cherry on the top of this smartphone, with fast-focussing which proves perfect for sport videos and a portrait mode for taking your new profile picture.

It’ll also last a full day on one charge and charges up rapidly – all good features for an active lifestyle.

The Motorola one action smartphone, £218,

For the fire god


Where I come from (a little country south of here, where surfboards and rugby reign supreme) we still braai (barbacue, for the uninitiated) on tripods with charcoal. However, in a country not blessed with the best weather, sacrifices must be made. That being said, you won’t be sacrificing much with the Summit, with its built in rotisserie and smoker.

Summit® S-670 GBS Gas Barbecue, £3,799, Weber,

For you. You deserve it.

Lotus Evija

I’m not suggesting that you buy a Lotus.

I’m really not.

And yet-

Lotus Evija, price on application, Lotus,

For the flatmate (and then you can share)

capsule projector

Okay, this is actually very cool. The size of a can of coke, this Nebula capsule projector will transform that weirdly bare wall in your home into a home cinema.

Capsule Projector, £369.99, Nebula,

For the purist

Denon DP

A modern take on a classic piece of machinery. If you’re looking for stunning sound quality, this is one to watch.

DP-450USB record player, £529, Denon,

For the family at home

facebook portal

Not sure what to get your in-laws for Christmas? We recommend Facebook’s latest tech, the Portal. It’s a great way to stay connected to the family, especially if you can’t be together on the day itself. The best part? The camera pans and zooms automatically when you’re video calling, so your loved ones will always stay in frame. No more having conversations with your dad’s forehead and your mother’s left ear!

Facebook Portal, £116,

For the hipster, and only them

tea and coffee alarm clock_

This. This is what I meant by the future.

Do you need it? No. Absolutely not. You have a phone and a kettle.

Do you want it? Yes. Oh yes.

Barisieur, from £350, Joy Resolve,