The very finest holdalls and weekend bags that (rather a lot of) money can buy

Going somewhere nice? You might be soon, so here's Hetty Lintell with her pick of the finest holdalls and best weekend bags you can buy.

It’s been so long, many of us will have totally forgotten how to pack a bag, and dusting off the tattered old moth-eaten number won’t cut it for your first foray back into the land of the living. Remember, people are going to see you.

Whether you’re driving to see some old friends in the country, booked in for a highly sought-after hotel break or escaping to a rental house, the Long Weekend will be what we cling to over the next few months. Let’s do it properly, which might well mean a chic new luggage arrangement — and our list of the finest holdalls and best weekend bags is a fine place to start.

Now, where’s the butler?

Anderson holdall

£450, Aspinal of London —

Sten travel bag

£395, Chapman Bags —

Monza leather weekender bag

£1,035.67, The Outlierman —

Chequered Flag GTO Motorsport holdall

£795, Jordan Bespoke —

Pursuits Cotswold weekend bag

£585, Ettinger —

Taupe medium Sea bag

£1,700, Connolly —

Safari carry-on

£1,455, Globe Trotter —

Canvas and vintage calfskin country weekender in Panama

£2,590, Brunello Cucinelli —

Weekender in olive

£675, Bennett Winch —

The Sportsman 48 Overnight

£1,950, Tanner Krolle —

Heritage weekender

£600, Bentley —