The Utterly Inessential Shopping List: The finest lounging-around-the house clothes money can buy

Tracksuit bottoms made from cashmere, shoes without pesky laces to tie and untie all the time and silk pyjamas that would make Terry-Thomas wince with pleasure make the cut in this week's list.

Huntsman cashmere jumper

Huntsman’s description of this jumper is endlessly entertaining. It’s hand-knitted, which they presumably see as a good thing, but which will turn your blood cold if you ever suffered the itchy, ill-fitting knitted efforts of well-meaning family members as a child.

And it gets even better as they hilariously add that the cashmere is ‘sourced from the highest peaks of the Himalayas’. No, chaps, it really isn’t. Unless the cashmere goats of Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet so on have unaccountably headed far above the tree line to forage among the discarded oxygen bottles that are strewn across the summits of Everest and K2.

Bombastic marketing nonsense aside, Huntsman’s 100% cashmere sweater is versatile and effortlessly stylish. As you might very well hope, considering that for the same money you could easily buy a second hand car.

Priced at £695 — see more details.

Schoffel polo shirt

There was a time when I used to wonder why anyone would pay more than £10 or so for a polo shirt. After all, what on earth is the difference between makers when you’re talking about a completely generic style?

That question was only answered by an overnight plane delay in Atlanta which, for reasons which I never quite understood, saw everyone in our party given a rather generous emergency overnight clothing budget for use at the local department store.  I ended up with a polo shirt with a little crocodile on it, and was beautifully made.

Schoffel’s version is similarly so, and while you may not be facing plane delays any time soon, this is ideal for everything from Zoom meeting to gardening to a non-slovenly dinner. This design is a classic for good reason.

Priced at £49.95 — see more details.

Crockett & Jones Kensington woven loafer

Back when I was a kid, we laughed at the boys who had slip-ons instead of lace-ups, assuming that they hadn’t yet mastered how to tie their shoes. But those boys have had the last laugh as loafers have become hugely popular — and its simple design makes it the at home shoe of choice. Crockett & Jones’ woven calf leather Kensington style lends itself perfectly to day wear.

Priced at £465 — see more details.

Favourbrook safari shirt

I’ve always thought of ‘safari shirts’ as being khaki, or perhaps great. But this Favourbrook version is elegantly tailored in a vivid cobalt Irish linen which looks wonderful — perhaps designed for night safaris? Either way, it’s ideal for the house, either worn alone or with a t-shirt underneath as your perfect piece of summer outerwear.

Priced at £350 — see more details.

Oliver Brown cotton jeans

Given that all your meetings right now are probably taking place on Zoom or Teams, you could be wearing polka dot boxer shorts for all anyone will care. But jeans will last years, so go for a pair that work as the ultimate business casual trouser. Oliver Brown’s have a classic, straight leg and are fashioned from a pure cotton twill which is sand-washed to make them reassuringly comfortable.

Priced at £79 — see more details.

Huntsman house tweed print silk pyjamas

Whilst we’re not quite sure what day of the week it is, Huntsman’s silk pyjamas will work as splendid loungewear whatever the (staying at home) occasion. Pair with fine a dressing gown and everyone who sees you on Facetime will be dazzled at your Noël Coward-esque chutzpah.

Working with luxury nightwear brand Derek Rose, Huntsman has printed silk with their exclusive house tweed pattern to striking effect.

Priced at £600 — see more details.

Cad & the Dandy socks

Whether working from home, or feet up on the sofa, coloured socks will add a flash of colour to your day. Cad & the Dandy’s cotton pair have a lightweight ribbed texture, and are both elegant and comfortable. These indigo ones are lovely, but the bold and the brave will be delighted to hear that they also come in orange, shocking pink and lime green.

Priced at £15 — see more details.

Schoffel French rib sweater

Why do they call these half-zip sweaters, when the zips come down nowhere near half-way? Such philosophical questions are up there to rival the likes of ‘why do smoky bacon crisps taste nothing like bacon’, but in the absence of an answer we can just enjoy this simple, comfortable design. In bright cornflower blue, Schoffel’s soft French rib knit sweater is the perfect transitional piece for post-work or early-morning exercise, in a world where nobody can go to the gym.

Priced at £79.95 — see more details.

MULO slippers

I’ll be honest: I’m a big fan of ridiculous novelty slippers. Why would something that’s only ever worn around the house be designed for anything except fun and comfort? In the past I’ve had slippers in the form of cars, lions (you put your feet into their mouths) and, best of all, a pair of Simpson’s-themed ones which were shaped like cans of Duff Beer.

All of which would horrify the designers of these stylish MULO slippers. They are hand-made in Italian suede with cosy shearling interiors, shaped on an Oxford last, and guaranteed to be free of comic characters, flashing lights in the heels or novelty noise-makers.

Priced at £145 — see more details.

Maison Cashmere trousers

Loungewear trousers, leisure pants, tracky Bs… call them what you will, but they are the apogee of lounging around the house clothes. So to have a pair in cashmere — soft, warm, unbeatably cosy — sounds the absolutely unbeatable.

Priced at £167 — see more details.