The Utterly Inessential Mother’s Day list: From flowers and pillows to baths and scarves

We take a look at some of the loveliest ways to give your mother a treat for Mother's Day on March 14, as picked out by Toby Keel and Hetty Lintell.

The Utterly Inessential Shopping List’s stated aim of celebrating those things which you don’t need, but really would rather like, hits a snag each Mother’s Day. For while none of the things listed below is anything that we couldn’t live without, celebrating your mother is anything but inessential. So hands in your pockets and do the right thing.

And remember: if nothing quite feels right, a bottle of gin is always a failsafe option. If you’d rather go straight there then our round-up of the best gins for Mother’s Day is the place to look.

A scarf in Harris Tweed or a Liberty print

With some presents you’re always taking a bit of a gamble, whereas others feel like they couldn’t possibly backfire. These lovely scarves fit right into the second category.

£59.95 from House of Bruar

You’re going to need to send a card

Buying cards has been particularly tricky, with only the limited racks in the supermarket to choose from in the latest lockdown. But there are plenty of places doing things online instead, albeit at a price — from the cute to the funny to the divisive. Prime candidate is the one above, which your mother will probably find either wildly insulting, hilariously funny, or a bit of both.

£3.29 (plus 81p delivery) from

Say it with (a tube of) flowers

The British florist sell gorgeous tulips by post, which arrive in funky cardboard tubes. Simple and just perfect — and for extra credit you can even get a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription.

From £20 at

Some, er, lovely jugs

From left to right, these are a Green Pelias pitcher (£55, Sophie Conran —, Green Tartan Squiggle jug (£75, Matilda Goad & Co — and a Bordallo Pinheiro Strawberry pitcher, 2L (£59 from Divertimenti, 020–7581 8065 —  Delightful.

Ariat Wexford boots

These classic Chelsea boots are available in a range of colours — just a great mix of practical and beautiful.

£160 from

Brook + Wilde Marlowe pillow

Pure decadence, this pillow filled with Hungarian goose down isn’t so much a thing to lay your head down on — it’s more like melting softly into a giant marshmallow. The down is ethically-sourced, the covering is Egyptian cotton, and the effect is really rather wonderful.

£229 from

A bath she’ll never want to get out of

Relaxing in the bath is surely the Mother’s Day Starter for 10. So let mum relax in style.

From £382 at

A beautiful botanical bundle

Have we gone past ‘peak succulent’, as the millennials describe these things? Maybe, maybe not, but if your mother is yet to hit the point of cactus saturation (cacturation, perhaps?) then these look lovely.

£74 from