Christmas gift ideas for ladies

From mothers and sisters to wives and girlfriends, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to the face of the special lady in your life, as picked out by Hetty Lintell and Toby Keel.

Penhaligon’s scent library

Worried about sticking your neck out by buying a perfume? Simple: buy ten, and she’s bound to like one of them. And she’ll probably love all of them — Penhaligon’s scents are really wonderful.

£20 from Penhaligon’s

Sorrento rectangle tray

There’s no need for a tray to be a workaday, humdrum object — this elegant, beautiful version is made from porcelain and inlaid with pure gold. Bringing through the tea and biscuits will never be the same again.

£78 from Jonathan Adler

Elements spa pack

The Somerset spa is selling packs of goodies online — ideal at a time when booking a spa trip isn’t possible. There’s a selection of options such as this one, ‘Rebalance and Invigorate’.

£52 from Elements

Lalage Beaumont gift voucher


There are two ways to play it when buying a present for a tricky-to-read significant other. Do you attempt to read her mind and risk disaster? Or get a voucher from a place you know she loves, and leave the rest to her? If you take the latter course, Lalage Beaumont is a good place to look — and their vouchers even give a decent discount, with a £500 voucher actually costing £400.

£400 from Lalage Beaumont

Joanna Wood plant pot


On the first day of Christmas, she’ll be delighted if her true love gives to her a partridge in a pear tree pot. Well, probably.

£34.50 from Joanna Wood

Stirling Drinks Trolley


Elegant and graceful, so much so that you could use this all year round — not just when you’re throwing a party. If we’re ever allowed to throw parties again, that is.

£299 from Atkin and Thyme

Kew Gardens Apron

The wonderful designs on this apron are inspired by art kept in the archives at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew — but caveat emptor. Unless you’ve been briefed to get an apron, there’s every chance you’ll blunder into ‘You bought me an APRON?’ territory right here.

£59 from Plümo

Moleskine Studio Series notebooks

These wonderfully pretty Moleskine notebooks feature covers designed by artists — about as far as a standard WH Smith notepad as you could imagine.

£24.99 from Moleskine

Palm Tree Quilt

Sherine Freeth, founder of Shenouk, admits this is one of the favourite things in her collection — and it’s not hard to see why. Truly lovely; as the lady herself says, it ‘conjures up visions of lazy days on tropical islands — happiness personified.’

From £125 from Shenouk

Elizabeth Leather Jewellery Storage Gift Set

Several colour combinations are available in this jewellery box — this one is ‘Dusky Pink & Soft Sand’. Somehow it seems only right that really special jewellery should have an equally special little home.

£650 from Stow

And finally…

Fans of our annual ‘Christmas gifts for ladies’ list will no doubt remember fondly the Leopard-print espresso cup and saucer, priced at £190 from Asprey.

tea cup


Ahh, the heady days of 2019, eh? If only we’d known what was coming…

Anyway, you’ll be delighted to hear that we’ve found a spiritual successor below…

Gommino’s driving shoes

These Gommino driving shoes from Tod’s are the closest you’ll get to matching your china with your footwear.

Sadly, Asprey appear to have sold out of the cup-and-saucer; let’s hope you still have yours from last year!

£398 from Tod’s

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