Christmas gifts to buy for that eccentric man-child in your life

Whether it's your eccentric uncle, your half-sibling with an exotic lifestyle or the person you've been married to for 23 years, it's not always easy picking presents for overgrown schoolboys. Lucky for you that Hetty Lintell is here to help.


Monkey velvet slippers

We’re not going to beat about the bush: £450 is a lot for ANY pair of footwear, let alone a pair of slippers. But then again, these aren’t just any old slippers: they’re velvet, hand-made slippers featuring cheeky monkeys and fierce leopards among blue foliage. Which must be better… right?

Priced at £450, New & Lingwood — click here to buy.

Exotic Woods collection

Know anyone who loves smoking their own food? For a present with a twist, choose this unusual collection of smoking woods from around the world.

Priced at £24, Hot Smoked — click here to buy.

Green stag-head decanter

And there was you, faced with the decision of which decanter to spend four thousand quid on. Wonder no more.

Priced at £3,950, Asprey — click here to buy.

Small Audley coffee press

This silver-plated, hand-crafted coffee press with stainless-steel plunger makes one cup of coffee — perfect for bachelors or fuss-pots for whom a quick mug of instant just doesn’t cut it.

Priced at £85, Soho Home — click here to buy.

McLaren two-tone belt

This truly lovely McLaren design combines hand-burnished leather with a rich suede base.

Priced at £80, Elliot Rhodes — click here to buy.

Aecorn dry non-alcoholic spirit

A healthy take on pre-dinner drinks which claims that it ‘doesn’t compromise on flavour’. Of course, it’d be pretty gutsy of any marketing type to admit that their non-alcoholic booze ‘does indeed compromise on flavour, but whatcha gonna do?’ This one comes recommended, however, with David Gluckman calling it a ‘halfway passable substitute for a classic Italian aperitif’ and adding that its astringent challenging flavour was closer to a real drink than many of the products in this category.’

Priced at £19.99, Aecorn Aperitifs — click here to buy.

Highland sculpture

Hand-woven from willow, these eye-catching sculptures are made to order. And weirdly realistic considering that they’re basically dried sticks.

Priced at £995, Lesser-Spotted Furniture — click here to buy.

Framed pair of ace prints

ace print christmas gift guide 2019

Every piece of card used in these collages has been cut by hand, then arranged and glued to achieve a 3D effect for a twist on classic wall art. Really very lovely.

Priced at £495, OKA — click here to buy.

Box of socks

A London Sock Company gift box

Made from Scottish Lisle Cotton, these bold-hued socks are perfect to brighten up your day.

Priced at £159, London Sock Company — click here to buy.

Replica Riva speedboat

Joanna Wood Riva speedboat

We had a to slip a toy boat in somewhere. Okay, so we absolutely didn’t, but this miniature replica of an Italian speedboat is a fun gift for boat enthusiasts.

Priced at £720, Joanna Wood — click here to buy.

Whole Covap Jamon De Bellota

Pork from acorn-fed Iberico pigs is dry cured and aged for at least 36 months to make this superlative Spanish ham.

Priced at About £354, Covap — click here to buy.