Christmas gift ideas for men

From fathers to brothers to lovers, we run through some smart ideas for Christmas presents for the men in your life — as picked out by Toby Keel and Hetty Lintell.

Bantam Midget Car

Going to be honest here: we spent several minutes wondering what the Batman link here. Was this an early prototype of the Gotham City crusader’s Batmobile? The dawning realisation that it was, of course, a Bantam Midget model cleared things up. If someone in your life isn’t bothered about comic book anti-heroes, but loves pre-war motors, they’d absolutely adore this model.

£356.50 from Ionian Interiors

PalmerSport Full Day Event 

For those who prefer their motor cars little more mobile than the Bantam above, PalmerSport offer track days at the Bedford Aerodrome. Track days are common enough, of course, but not like this one: PalmerSport’s collection of stunning cars — including a Le Mans-style sportscar racer — and the track’s characteristics make this as fast a track as an amateur will find in the world. If that’s too much, they also have a pursuit course which you can tackle in a Caterham and an off-road section which you can drive in a classic Land Rover Defender.

Full Day Event from £894  

Kovered waxed holdall

The sort of luggage you’d imagine Indiana Jones lobbing into the hold of an airship, this gorgeously made bag perfectly straddles that tricky line of making an effort without making too much of an effort.

£99 from Kovered

Luxury Cluedo Set

Ahh, that’s a good idea, you’re thinking; he loves classic board games. Well, let your eyes fall further down the page, dear reader, for this isn’t for those who merely ‘love’ classic board games. This a breathtaking retro recreation of Cluedo with the board printed onto cowhide, with a leather dice cup and tray, pewter murder objects, and customisable to order. Amazing.

£1,180 from Geoffrey Parker

Socks subscription

If you’re going to buy socks for Christmas, the rule is hard and fast: don’t buy high street stuff that the recipient would have bought for themselves anyway. The London Sock Company’s socks are a bit special – not least for the lovely colours.

From £30 from London Sock Company

Stag’s head wine cooler


What man about the house hasn’t, at one point or another, wondered out loud how wrong his life has gone that he doesn’t own a wine cooler-cum-punch bowl in the shape of stag’s head? Okay, perhaps that’s a little far-fetched, but even still — this Annabel James piece is a handsome object indeed, that channels the spirit of Harry Potter’s Patronus.

£159.95 from Annabel James

Ludwig, the classical music crash course

Put together by the curators at Primephonic — aka the ‘Spotify’ of classical music — is this 10-week course, consisting of bi-daily emails, weekly podcasts about the development of classical music, and hand-picked playlists — as well as access to the service itself. They’ve called it ‘Ludwig’ in a 250th-birthday nod to Beethoven.

£5.99 a month for three months from Primephonic

Kubu Breakfast Tray

A perfect gift for somebody who wishes to channel their inner Bertie Wooster — breakfast not included.

£100 from The White Company

Bartending glasses


If there’s someone in your life who loves the idea of making cocktails, but hates the faffing involved in bothering to mix things up properly, the answer is here. Ingenious.

£20 from Kikkerland

Silk dressing gown

Bonsoir of London make all manner of dressing gowns — you can go from a £59 towelling option up to an £800 cashmere one. This, somewhere in the middle, has a bit of dash and whimsy, for those who can carry off the feather pattern.

£315 from Bonsoir of London

Fisherman’s mug

Is it sexist for us to have put this mug in the men’s gift list? Not at all. Clearly there are women who love fishing, and women who love novelty mugs. But the number of women who love both seems likely to be vanishingly small, whereas at least 50% of the men we’ve ever met would find this cup hiliarious.

£14.99 from Thumbs Up


Top hat cufflinks

Made in England with a variety of different designs — but we particularly liked these, since you can use them as spare Monopoly pieces in case the dog eats one.

£270 from Oliver Brown

Men’s Fairisle Patterned Christmas Jumper


Made in the UK from Italian spun merino wool, this Glenmuir jumper is a wonderful gift for a golf lover – or anyone who wants to swap their snowman monstrosity with a classier version.

£60 from Glenmuir

Sinatra tan and pale-blue suede belt by Elliot Rhodes


A casual belt to make a change from his usual shiny black numbers.

£145 from Elliot Rhodes