The best of the Black Friday deals: From bags to coffee, and from scooters to holidays in the Maldives

The world seems to be going Black Friday barmy this week. We've picked out a few of the best deals.

Black Friday. You may love it, you may hate it, you may even despair of its very existence.

It seems that it’s here to stay, however – and to tweak a phrase, if you can’t beat them, at least get a healthy bargain from them.

Who is offering discounts?

Many of the finest manufacturers and retailers don’t get involved. Fortnum & Mason and Marks & Spencer, to name two examples, are not offering any deals on Friday. Harrods have also sat on the sidelines in recent years, while some retailers have even made a point of closing for the day to demonstrate their distaste.

Others, however, are running with it – with even some previously reticent shops, such as Selfridges, taking part.  John Lewis will be  at the forefront of the action on the Friday itself, while House of Fraser and Amazon all have good offers.

There are also plenty of smaller companies who will be offering deals as well.

So, to help you find what you need, you’ll find down below our pick of some of the best deals out there right now – and if you’re looking to buy for someone else, take a look at the deals our colleagues on other magazines and websites have put together:

Our pick of the best Black Friday deals

The best magazine in Britain

Well, where else did you expect us to start? Of course we’re biased — very biased — but Country Life really is excellent. The magazine industry body, the PPA, agrees, and named Country Life the nation’s best magazine earlier this year. And at £25.49 a quarter (barely more than £2 an issue) it’s never better value than over Black Friday week.

Priced at £25.49 a quarter from this very website — click here to buy.

Electric scooter

We have no need for this scooter. It seems ridiculous, bonkers, and the sort of thing we’d fall off in seconds before putting in the garage to gather dust. And yet… Somehow, for some reason, we really want one. A lot. Especially with £100 off.

Priced at £299 from Electra Zoom — click here to buy.

A coffee capsule maker

If you’re tired of spending money and harming the environment by constantly buying new Nespresso capsules, the Capsulier Lite capsule maker allows you to create your own coffee pods. Exciting, right?

Priced at £75 from Capsulier — click here to buy.

A trip to the Maldives

Swish holiday firm Turquoise are offering 50% off holidays to the Maldives resort of Six Sense Laamu — book this weekend and it’s £1,999 per person for seven nights half-board.

Priced at £1,999 from Turquoise — click here to buy.


Okay, you can’t get your wedding on a Black Friday deal… but you can get something out of it with your wedding list. Sign up to The Wedding Present Company this weekend and they’ll plant a tree as part of their ‘Green Friday’ promotion.

Priced at Free (for the happy couple, at least) — click here to sign up.

A fancy fridge-freezer

Quite amazingly, we know someone who was given a top-end Miele fridge-freezer for free via Freecycle. If you’ve not been so lucky, Black Friday is the time to buy one — Appliances Direct have this model with £450 off.

Priced at £649 from Appliances Direct — click here to buy.

Mulberry bags

If you want something lovely in which to carry around your phone, latest paperback and spare packs of tissues, this classic Mulberry Bayswater bag is now £876, reduced from £1,095 — saving over £200.

£876 at John Lewis — click here to buy.

Video doorbell

What’s that you say? Your doorbell doesn’t show you who is ringing it, but you couldn’t give a monkeys? Us neither, but for the vulnerable (or the paranoid) we’d imagine they’re a godsend. And a godsend that’s been reduced by £60.

Priced at £119 at John Lewis — click here to buy.

Grow your own prosecco kit

Everything you need to grow your own Prosecco, from starter growing pots to compost disks. Secret Santa, anyone?

Priced at £18.99 from Amazon — click here to buy.

Towels and bed linen (amongst other things)

The White Company’s has turned Black Friday on its head by announcing a ‘White Weekend’ — which, while it sounds awfully dubious from a certain point of view, is simply a 20% discount across all their stock. Which is good news, if you’re in the market for sheets and candles and whatnot.

Priced at 20% off at The White Company — click here to buy.

It’s one of those capsule coffee maker thingies

The Tassimo coffee maker machines have been chopped from over £100 to around £35 all across the web. But Curry’s have gone one better, selling it for just under £30.

Priced at £29.99 from Curry’s — click here to buy.

4.5 litres (yes) of Grey Goose Vodka

If only the best will do, we recommend you stock up while you can get over £200 off your favourite evening tipple.

Priced at £299 from Amazon — click here to buy.

Cordless vacuum cleaners

Of all the gizmos and gadgets that clog up the 21st century houses of the CL team, the cordless vacuum cleaner is one which, if it broke, we’d go out and replace tomorrow without a second thought. They really are THAT much better than the old kind — and this Shark model has £150 off right now.

Priced at £199 from Shark — click here to buy.

A really lovely new sofa

While some things grab the attention with 70% off here and there, a smaller deal on a bigger ticket item is — this lovely ‘Grand Dame’ sofa has nearly £900 off thanks to Sofa Workshop’s 30%-off promotion.

Priced at £2,036 from — click here to buy.

Shoes galore

20% off an entire collection is enough to shake a stick (or a credit card) at, and Keith Scarrott are doing just that.

20% off from — click here to buy.

A professional hand tool set

Still haven’t jumped on the fix-it train? Disaster could strike at any moment in the form of a loose screw or a room that needs measuring; better kit up before it does.

Priced at £47.99 from Amazon — click here to buy.

Fancy footwear and brilliant bags

Fairfax & Favor have 20% off over Black Friday weekend, with shoes and accessories among the items reduced — including this smart bag.

Priced at £292 from Fairfax & Favour — click here to buy.

A new gentleman’s watch

We’ll be honest we’d never heard of Edward East, which made the almost 90% reduction on this watch — from an RRP of £525 to just £59 — make us a touch wary. The same model seems to be on Amazon at £95 or so, however, so it definitely appears to be something of a deal.

Priced at £59 from — click here to buy.

Looking for something else?

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What is Black Friday, and when is it?

For the uninitiated (count yourselves lucky) it’s the Friday which coincides with the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in the USA, which for many years has been a major pre-Christmas shopping day across the Atlantic. Shops, of course, caught on, and began offering heavy discounts to get customers through the doors. Thus, Black Friday was born.

The idea of a big sale weekend a month before Christmas has now caught on in Britain as well — and every year, the deals seem to start earlier.

How long do the deals last?

Once upon a time, getting a Black Friday discount meant fighting your way through hordes of highly over-excited shoppers in order to wrestle over a pullover or a lamp.

Thankfully, things have moved on somewhat, and ‘Cyber Monday’ is as big a deal for online shopping as Black Friday is in store. Most deals last until Monday 2 December.