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The Country Life Top 100 architects, interior designers, craftsmen, builders and garden designers in Britain

The past year has left many of us with a desire to ensure that our houses and gardens work harder than ever before. Fully revised and updated for the fifth year, Country Life's Top 100 names the best architects, interior designers, garden designers, builders and craftspeople in Britain, people with the skills and experience required to get things right.

Increasingly, country houses are being seen as places to work, as well as play. Remote working and flexible commutes have transformed the opportunities for those once tethered to the grind of daily travel.

Yet it’s not only houses that are being reappraised. Outbuildings and gardens are the focus of greater attention than ever before, offering a chance to create spaces that cater for a wider range of needs, from home offices and outdoor entertaining areas to secondary accommodation and party barns.

With these many opportunities comes a growing need for professionals who have sympathy for country houses. Country Life has selected those with all the skills and experience required to make the most of what a rural sanctuary has to offer.

Because a key ingredient in any successful creative project is collaboration, the list is accompanied by advice in commissioning a designer, builder or craftsperson. You’ll find it at the top of each of the four lists.

We’ve also got a guide to being a good client, a skill that combines good communication, trust and chemistry. All three will ensure that everyone involved in a project, from architect and interior designer, to builder and garden designer, will share the same vision of its potential.

Best architects in Britain

Best interior designers in Britain

Best garden designers in Britain

Best builders and craftspeople in Britain

The best architects in Britain

The best builders in Britain

The best interior decorators in Britain

The best garden designers in Britain

The best interior designers and decorators in Britain

Of all the decorating trends that have been in vogue over the last 50 years – be it Scandi, Minimalism

The best builders and craftspeople in Britain

Whether you're embarking on a new-build or painstakingly restoring a listed building, here are the craftsmen with excellent foundations.

The best garden designers and landscapers in Britain

A beautiful country house is as much about its surroundings as its bricks and mortar, something that the best garden