10 ways to spice up your crumble topping recipe

Apple, rhubarb, blackberry, pear – there are lots of crumble fillings to choose from – but did you know you can make your topping extra-special too?

Simply combine one of these 10 extra ingredients with our recipe for the perfect basic mixture…

1. Chocolate chunks

Have a Black Forest moment by dropping

dark chocolate chunks into the topping of a winter berry crumble, or

try white chocolate with sharp raspberries.

2. Crumbled biscuits

Combine 2oz of your favourite sweet snack with your topping. Ginger nuts work well with apple and Amaretti biscuits complement rhubarb perfectly

3. Nuts

A few tablespoons of chopped nuts will give

your mix extra bite. Try flaked almonds with a cherry filling for

Bakewell tart flavour or team pecans with a squirt of maple syrup.

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4. A drizzle of honey

Sweeten up a tart pudding with a few spoonfuls of something sticky. Honey’s a healthy choice, but golden syrup is equally tasty. 

Either combine with the flour, butter and sugar or add a dollop on top before baking.

5. Desiccated coconut

Switching a couple of ounces of flour

for desiccated coconut will give a citrus, pineapple or mango bake a

tropical vibe.

The mixture is also a tasty accompaniment to a strawberry

or raspberry dish.

6. Stem ginger or cinnamon

A sprinkle of stem ginger or cinnamon (or both!) will give the family a warm glow after chilly days out in the autumn.

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 7. Fudge

Crumbling a little creamy confectionary into your dry mixture will leave it oozing with caramel deliciousness.

Give it a go with stewed Granny Smiths on Bonfire Night for a toffee apple twist.

8. Dried fruit and seeds

Give your immune system a boost by packing your dessert with health foods. Pumpkin, linseed and sunflower seeds offer crunch and dried cranberries, banana and raisins will turn chewy.

9. Porridge oats

Ditching half your flour in favour of rolled oats is a classic way to get a crumble with more bite.

10. Unusual flour or sugar

Want a treacly topping? Use Demerara or Muscovado sugar instead of Caster sugar. Infused sugars are another way to perk things up – look for lemon or star anise.

For a wholesome richness opt for whole wheat flour or combine rice flour with gluten-free oats to make your crumble celiac-friendly.

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